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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Mark Waid on Digital Comics, Birthdays & “Daredevil”

Writer and longtime comic book industry veteran Mark Waid spoke to CBR TV at WonderCon 2012 about his brand new digital comics publishing initiative, writing “Daredevil,” selling his beloved comic collection, his recent birthday, and more.

Despite his recent birthday, Waid said his age does not limit him when swinging for the fences creatively, and is still making daring and experimental choices. The first of which could be considered his decision to sell his entire comic book collection — comprised of 150 long boxes and one of the greatest DC Comics collections in existence — to finance his digital comics launch.

On April 2nd, Waid relaunches MarkWaid.com as a process blog. A longtime advocate of digital comics, the blog will showcase his thoughts and research into the emergent medium before launching his own digital series starting in May. The first series will be drawn by “Irredeemable” artist Peter Krause, and future series with other artist are planned, as well as a series from “Leverage” creator John Rogers. Visitors to the site can download “Luther,” a proof-of-concept story drawn by artist Jeremy Rock. Waid’s digital “Infinite Comics” work at Marvel was announced last weekend and kicks off with a Nova story drawn by Stuart Immonen that will be available free with the purchase of “Avengers Vs. X-Men” #1.

Waid isn’t leaving print comics behind, however, announcing a new “Rocketeer” series at IDW with artist Chris Samnee this weekend at WonderCon. He also continues his critically-acclaimed run on “Daredevil” at Marvel.

The discussion ended with Waid looking back on his career and how his writing and approach have changed, as well as the role of honesty in a writer’s life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JonesDeini Jonesy Stark

    Whoa?! There is no way that Waid is 50?! That’s insane