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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Mike Mignola on Hellboy, Joe Golem

Hellboy and B.P.R.D. creator Mike Mignola compared work habits with CBR TV host Jonah Weliand during WonderCon, with Mignola shattering any conceptions of him being a dark, work all night, tortured artist by revealing he does half his writing while taking his morning shower and draws throughout the day, every day.

From there, Mignola went on to discuss his latest project with Christopher Golden, “Joe Golem and the Drowning City,” a new, illustrated novel Mignola originally conceived of as a back-up plan in case the first “Hellboy” movie did so badly it made the character and his universe too toxic for Mignola to continue to work in.

Mignola also digs into his career and how he focuses on story over marketing and sales, which led to him not wanting to announce and promote the death of Hellboy, which had a plot point he had been working towards for years, and the upcoming stories which will still feature Hellboy, albeit in his new, no-longer-alive form.

  • Jonnryane

    Mignola is in a class of his own.  I would go as far as to call him a modern day Kirby, not for his art style but for his storytelling and the pacing of his books.