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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Ralph Bakshi Celebrates 35 Years of “Wizards”

Animation legend Ralph Bakshi spent some of his WonderCon 2012 time with CBR TV where he discussed his personal purchases at the weekend’s show, his own roots as a comic book and superhero fan and the fact that he was never a fan of funny animal kid’s comics.

At the show to promote the release of the 35th anniversary edition of “Wizards” on Blu-ray, Bakshi looked back at his career, revealing the projects he always wanted to do, what is important to him when it comes to filmmaking, his repeated decisions to turn down making sequels for most of his features and the fact that he’s actually somewhat uncomfortable with the level or reverence many fans approach him and his work.

Bakshi analyzes his current position in the industry as a mentor or teacher to the new generation of animators and the enjoyment he gets from passing on his knowledge to others before Jonah Weiland reveals an embarrassing story about buying a bootleg copy of “Fritz the Cat” on VHS, a story Bakshi encourages him to cut from the final edit.

  • http://twitter.com/TBiddy Terry Biddle

    WOW. That is all.

  • Orphan

    With the greatest respect to Bakshi his refusal to do sequals seems to have spilled over into doing no new work at all.Tell me Spielberg or Tim Burton wouldn’t back him on a new project.