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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Steven T. Seagle & Joe Kelly Get “Ultimate” with “Spider-Man”

Man of Action members Steven Seagle and Joe Kelley spent some time with CBR TV at WonderCon to discuss their upcoming “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon, debuting April 1 on Disney XD’s Marvel block, as well as their own comics work.

Seagle and Kelly discuss the behind-the-scenes work that went into developing “Ultimate Spider-Man,” from the inclusion of Paul Dini and Brian Michael Bendis to the creative process, to coming up with the series’ high-concept of combining Spidey with the world of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other aspects of the series that set it apart from previous iterations of the character, both in print and otherwise.

In addition to Spidey, the show’s focus on guest-stars like Nova and a wide array of villains from across the Marvel Universe is discussed, with Kelly and Seagle assuring fans of the title character that despite being approached form a new angle, Spider-Man remains the same character they love.

On a personal note, both writers discuss their upcoming comics work, both all-ages and mature audience stories, including Seagle’s “Batula” and the return of Kelly’s “Bad Dog” and “Four Eyes.”

  • Lee

    I always hated Sunday Cartoons, not because the shows were bad but because I never got to watch them. My family went to church every week.

  • Anonymous

    This show has a couple of problems going in…  The fans of Spectacular Spider-Man already resent it  because their series was cancelled in favor of this…
    It’s going to be BMB flavor so take it or leave it…
    From the advance clips, it gives a bad taste of being an ad for new toys…
    Did I mention that I HATE the Ultimate Universe and prefer the Classic Mainstream Marvel???  I don’t care for the mish-mashes in the other shows and movies, either…
    What’s with giving a teenager access to government weapons from the start???  How does that make “poor” Peter relatable to people???
    The Bendism jokes in the advance clips are not funny…  They’re cloy and smack of a middle-aged guy trying to be hip with “duh kids.”