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CBR TV 2013: Marc Guggenheim Talks “Arrow,” Season 2 Villain, “Trial of the Punisher” and More

Producer/writer Marc Guggenheim joined CBR TV to help christen our all-new new Speakeasy set and, of course, discuss his upcoming work on “Arrow” while taking a look back at the recently completed first season.

After getting some tennis talk out of the way and explaining that he was wearing a Starling City Rockets hat, created to give Diggle a baseball cap to wear for an episode of “Arrow,” Guggenheim went on to discuss the various DC Universe sports teams, the challenges in and lessons learned from “Arrow’s first season and his recent Kord Industry tease. The writer/producer also spoke about which characters from DC’s library are on and off limits to the “Arrow” writing staff, the identity of the second season’s major villain, his upcoming “Trial of the Punisher” miniseries with Leinil Yu on art and more.