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CBR TV: Evan Dorkin Talks Comics

I love this interview. It’s one of the most unusual interviews I’ve ever been a part of. I’ll let it speak for itself. Enjoy.

– CBR Executive Producer, Jonah Weiland

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  • MilkyMccheese

    I love this guy. His work is so under rated. He’s on the same level of Daniel Clowes, but gets so little attention.

  • http://gavinstours.com/ Gavin St. Ours

    I’ve been a fan of Evan Dorkin since high school 18 years ago when my algebra teacher confiscated my Milk and Cheese comics and I had to break into her closet after hours to steal them back and then got caught by the vice principal (Why did he work late that day? Very shady) and got detention for a week. But I got to keep my comics.

    Evan Dorkin’s comics are worth a week in detention is what I’m saying.