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CBR TV: Stars Riley & Haddock Explore “Da Vinci’s Demons” Season 2

Before “Da Vinci’s Demons” returns to Starz for its second season on March 22, the show’s cast visited the CBR Tiki Room high above the show floor at New York Comic Con to tell CBR TV’s [...]

CBR TV: “Lone Gunmen” Star Dean Haglund on Art, Kickstarter & Vince Gilligan

“The Lone Gunmen” and “X-Files” star Dean Haglund, also a comic book artist and comedian, visited the CBR Speakeasy to chat with Jonah Weiland about his secret career as an artist and how acting ultimately derailed [...]

CBR TV: “Europa Report” Filmmakers Take Found Footage to Space

Director Sebastian Cordero, actor Karolina Wydra and composer Bear McCreary visited with Jonah Weiland aboard CBR TV’s floating tiki lounge at Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss their film “Europa Report,” which follows an international [...]

CBR TV: Milestone’s Davis on McDuffie & Washington, Meeting Jack Kirby

Milestone Media co-founder Michael Davis braved choppy waters to talk with CBR TV’s Jonah Weiland aboard the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego. They discuss the untimely passings of both Dwayne McDuffie and Robert [...]

Drew Pearce Talks “All Hail the King,” Writing “Wank Gags” for Ben Kingsley

Screenwriter Drew Pearce spent an afternoon in the CBR TV Speakeasy where he had an in-depth discussion about his career in Hollywood, including co-writing “Iron Man 3″ with — and getting over his initial butterflies about [...]

CBR TV: Milestone’s Denys Cowan on “The Question,” McDuffie’s Bravery & the Diversity Problem

On the decision to remove sound effects from “The Question” and let the art tell the story: The lack of sound effects was very organic. It was simply because he never indicated any in the scripts. [...]

CBR TV: Hammock, Hutchison Tell “An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will o’ the Wisp”

Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchison, creative team for the new Archaia original graphic novel “An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will o’ the Wisp,” stopped by the CBR Speakeasy in Los Angeles to chat with executive producer Jonah [...]

CBR TV: Burnham Goes Dark with Morrison in “Nameless,” Revisits Batman

Newly minted Los Angeles resident Chris Burnham made his first visit to the CBR Speakeasy, sitting down with Jonah Weiland to discuss the impetus for his move, the beginnings of his work with Grant Morrison on [...]

CBR TV: Romero Discusses Zombie Culture, “Empire of the Dead”

There are few directors better known for their influence on the horror film genre than George Romero. Starting with “Night of the Living Dead,” Romero invented the concept of the modern zombie: the flesh-eating, reanimated corpses [...]

CBR TV: Steinberg & Stephens Talk “Treasure Island’s” Influnce on “Black Sails”

Jonah Weiland welcome co-creator and writer Jonathan E. Steinberg and actor Toby Stephens from the upcoming Starz original series Black Sails to the CBR Tiki Room, high above the show floor at New York Comic Con [...]

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