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CBR TV @ SDCC 2015: For Linda and Stjepan Sejic, Writing & Drawing are “Basically the Same Thing”

In the second half of their conversation, Linda and Stjepan Sejic discuss why they haven’t really focused on working on a project together and how they each view the other’s art. They also talk about how [...]

CBR TV: Top Cow Artists Linda & Stjepan Sejic: “They Respect Us Enough to Take Our Ideas Seriously”

In the first part of CBR TV’s conversation with Linda and Stjepan Sejic at Comic-Con International, the husband-wife artists discuss how their die hard fans on DeviantArt have turned “Sunstone” into a New York Times Bestseller [...]

CBR TV @ SDCC 2015: Working on “March” Has Changed Artist Nate Powell

As a New York Times Bestseller, an Eisner nominee and the first graphic novel to win the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, “March” is a high water mark in comics. Co-written by U.S. Civil Rights leader [...]

CBR TV: Johnny Ryan Stays Weird with Nickelodeon’s “Pig Goat Banana Cricket”

Cartoonist Johnny Ryan has made a name for himself by using his offbeat style of humor to bust taboos and tell some very strange and often very adult stories. He’s best known for books including “Angry [...]

CBR TV: Wagners, Schkade Care About “The Spirit” & Will Eisner’s Legacy

Whether you know Will Eisner’s name from his pioneering graphic novels or from the comic book industry’s premier annual awards, you know that the late cartoonist was truly a master of the form whose legacy continues [...]

CBR TV: Radomski & Wacker Bring “Guardians of the Galaxy” to Marvel Animation

Marvel Animation execs Eric Radomski and Stephen Wacker stop by the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss capturing the flavor of the hit “Guardians of the Galaxy” film in the upcoming Disney [...]

CBR TV: Marvel Animation’s Radomski & Wacker on Longer Stories, Adapting Comics

Marvel Animation execs Eric Radomski and Stephen Wacker join CBR TV at Comic-Con International in San Diego to talk the evolving state of Marvel’s animated offerings, a shift towards more long-form storytelling and adapting comic book [...]

CBR TV: BOOM!’s Richie Welcomes Michael Keaton to “Imagine Agents,” Talks Bright Fox Future

For the second half of his conversation with CBR TV, BOOM! Studios CEO Ross Richie changes gears to discuss BOOM!’s growth on the film side. First up he talks about how excited he was to have [...]

CBR TV: CEO Ross Richie Wants BOOM! Studios to Keep Exploding, Addresses “Strange Fruit” Controversy

In the first part of his conversation with CBR TV from Comic-Con International, BOOM! Studios CEO Ross Richie explains how he was able to step away from the day-to-day operations of BOOM!’s publishing side to work [...]

CBR TV: Christos Gage on Future Comic Projects, His Possible “Daredevil” Return

Wrapping things up, Gage tells CBR TV about what’s next for him in comics beyond “Buffy” and his current “Spider-Island” miniseries at Marvel, teasing some new creator-owned titles on the horizon. He also talks about the [...]

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