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“Colony” Showrunners Enjoy Keeping Josh Holloway in the Dark About the Show’s Mysteries

In the second part of their conversation, showrunners Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse discuss building the world of “Colony” over time, the drama between the characters and their many secrets and how viewers will experience the [...]

Holloway, Cuse & Condal Build a Mystery in USA’s “Colony”

In the first part of the conversation, star Josh Holloway and co-creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal discuss setting their new USA series “Colony” in Los Angeles, then explain the series’ plot, the theme of colonization [...]

Zdarsky & Henderson Think Jughead Going on Dates is Weird, But Not as Weird as Gifts From Fans

In the final part of the interview, Weiland tests the “Jughead” creators by asking him to name all of Jughead’s past girlfriends. From there, they discuss whether or not the book will explore his dating life [...]

“Jughead” Creators Zdarsky & Henderson Find the Recognizable Core of Rebooted Character

In part two, Erica Henderson and Chip Zdarsky share their joy — and mild disbelief — at Jughead being a major comic book launch in 2015. They discuss what the “Archie” reboot made possible, how that [...]

“Jughead’s” Zdarsky & Henderson Inject “Game of Thrones,” Absurdity into Archie Series

Kicking off the conversation with CBR TV, “Jughead” creators Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson talk about the overwhelmingly positive reaction to their new series starring Jughead Jones. They also discuss why the first issue uses “Game [...]

Ray Stevenson Chills as Blackbeard on “Black Sails,” Describes Characters as Weapons

Whether he’s Titus Pullo in “Rome,” Volstagg in “Thor” or Frank Castle in “Punisher: War Zone,” one way to describe actor Ray Stevenson would be intense. When “Black Sails” returns for an all-new season this January, [...]

Greg Rucka on the Draw of “Star Wars” and the Potential Perils of Work For-Hire Comics

Wrapping up the conversation, things turn to Rucka’s work on “Star Wars: Shattered Empire,” a prequel comic book series to the upcoming “The Force Awakens” feature film. Rucka shares what drew him to write a “Star [...]

Rucka Talks Making “Black Magick” with Scott, Perfect Collaborators and Supernatural Stories

In part two, Rucka shifts gears to his newest Image Comics launch, “Black Magick” with artist Nicola Scott. He describes Scott as someone who doesn’t suffer fools, their previous collaboration on a Wonder Woman book for [...]

Greg Rucka Explains His “Lazarus” Mic Drop and Why Even His Worst Characters Feel Justified

In part one of his conversation with CBR TV, Greg Rucka discusses his and Michael Lark’s acclaimed Image Comics series “Lazarus.” Rucka tees up a major finale to the “Poison” arc before the book takes a [...]

Todd McFarlane Explains How the Penciller is the Heavy Lifter of Any Comic

The conversation wraps up with Todd McFarlane discussing the other artists he would potentially like to collaborate with on “Spawn,” in the same, unique way that he is with Erik Larsen. McFarlane also talks about the [...]

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