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CBR TV: Christos Gage on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Vampire Love Triangle, Writing Fewer Comics

In part two, Christos Gage discusses why readers have seen less of his work at comic stores of late, but how he’s been staying very busy writing for multiple mediums. He also addresses recent events in [...]

CBR TV: Christos Gage Hears the “Lion of Rora” at Oni, Goes Inside the “Daredevil” Writers’ Room

In part one of his conversation with CBR TV from Comic-Con International, writer Christos Gage talks about working with his wife, Ruth Fletcher Gage, on their new OGN, Oni’s “Lion of Rora, which marks the first [...]

CBR TV: Dark Horse’s Mike Richardson Revisits Project Black Sky, Talks Importance of “Zelda”

In the second part of his conversation with CBR TV, Mike Richardson delivers a post-mortem on the company’s recent super hero initiative, Project Black Sky, explaining his goals for the line and why it was never [...]

CBR TV: Mike Richardson on Joss Whedon’s New Dark Horse Comic, Being “Bigger Than Ever”

Mike Richardson began his interview with CBR TV at Comic-Con International with a tease about “Twist,” the brand new Joss Whedon creation coming to Dark Horse that was announced at the show, and Richardson reiterated how [...]

CBR TV: Nicola Scott Conjures “Black Magic” at Image with Greg Rucka

In part one of her conversation with CBR TV at Comic-Con International, artist Nicola Scott explains how fan-favorite writer Jimmy Palmiotti has been a long time supporter of her work, and how that support eventually led [...]

CBR TV: Nicola Scott on Doing the Work and Wanting to Leave Her Mark on Wonder Woman

In part two, Nicola Scott discusses her mindset when it comes to making art, and how she’s able to put neuroses at bay and sit down and do the work. She also discusses her dream project, [...]

CBR TV: Ed Piskor Says Making “Hip Hop Family Tree” is “Very Rewarding”

During his second ever visit to Comic-Con International in San Diego, cartoonist Ed Piskor popped by the world famous CBR Floating Tiki Room to speak with Jonah Weiland about his career, earliest works and the mainstream [...]

CBR TV: Marjorie Liu Talks “Astonishing X-Men’s” Gary Marriage, X-23 as Wolverine

In part two of her conversation with CBR TV, veteran writer Marjorie Liu shines a spotlight on her tenure at Marvel Comics, especially given recent turns of events. First she discusses her feelings about Northstar’s wedding [...]

CBR TV: Marjorie Liu Talks “Monstress” and Writing Creator-Owned Comics

In the first part of her discussion with CBR TV from Comic-Con International, writer Marjorie Liu talks about what inspired her to head down the creator-owned path and what “Monstress” is all about. She explains what [...]

CBR TV: Jeff Lemire Talks Valiant Opportunities, “Bloodshot Reborn,” Creative Freedom

Kicking off his conversation with CBR TV from Comic-Con, writer/artist Jeff Lemire discusses his work for Valiant Entertainment, focusing primarily on the unique story he’s telling in “Bloodshot Reborn.” He speaks to what drew him to [...]

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