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Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” Stars Say “You Can’t Just Half-Ass” the Show’s Darkness

In the second half of their conversation with CBR TV, “Jessica Jones” stars Will Traval, Eka Darville and Erin Moriarty discuss how their characters fit into the larger narrative, why some have been reinvented from their [...]

“Jessica Jones” Stars are “Just Trying to Survive” Marvel’s Darkest TV Show Yet

Eka Darville, Erin Moriarty and Wil Traval begin the discussion with CBR TV by talking about what it’s like to make a super hero TV show that doesn’t feel like a super hero TV show. While [...]

Tucker, Oliva & Bourassa Talk “Batman: Bad Blood” Visual Challenges and Trilogies Vs. Sequels

Wrapping up CBR TV’s conversation with the filmmakers behind “Batman: Bad Blood,” character designer Phil Bourassa talked about creating the visual style for the series of films and how that’s evolved and changed overtime, as well [...]

“Batman: Bad Blood” Filmmakers Explain How Shared Continuity Leads to Richer Stories

Kicking off their conversation with CBR TV, “Batman: Bad Blood” producer James Tucker, director Jay Oliva and character designer Phiil Bourassa discuss the benefits of a shared continuity between films and how having this as a [...]

“Batman: Bad Blood’s” O’Mara and Charles Fill the Dark Knight’s Void, Welcome Ernie Hudson

In the first part of CBR TV’s interview with Jason O’Mara and Gaius Charles, O’Mara discussed how much work he actually got to do considering the Dark Knight himself is missing in the film and how [...]

“Batman: Bad Blood” Stars Tap Into Bruce Wayne’s Dark Side and Luke Fox’s Heroic Turn as Batwing

Wrapping up their conversation with CBR TV, Gaius Charles and Jason O’Mara open up on the difficulties of forming bonds while working together — but independently — on animated films and what their favorite moments to [...]

Greg Pak Calls NBA Basketball Star Jeremy Lin “Our Jackie Robinson”

The conversation wraps up with Pak and Weiland talking basketball, centering on Pak’s affinity for Jeremy Lin, now playing for the Charlotte Hornets, and what his first game played in China would mean for him and [...]

Pak Explains Amadeus Cho’s Drive To Become the “Best Hulk There Ever Was”

In the second part of the conversation, Greg Pak spills the secrets of where the term “Totally Awesome” came from and how Amadeus Cho has his sights set on becoming the best Hulk ever. He also [...]

Greg Pak Explains Why Amadeus Cho is a Hit with Fans, and Why He Returned to Hulk

In the first part of his conversation with CBR TV, Pak offers up some reasons why the idea of Amadeus Cho as Hulk seems to be resonating with so many readers and explains why he’s returning [...]

Dan Slott Revisits His Comedy Roots and Wants to Keep Bringing Weird to Spider-Man & Silver Surfer

Wrapping up the discussion, Slott comments on why he’s sticking to just writing two titles for the foreseeable future, why Charles Soule’s output (and personality) are maddening, and whether fans can expect a return to his [...]

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