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Hickman and Bodenheim’s “Secret” Trailer

Jonathan Hickman. Ryan Bodenheim. Secret. Image Comics. April 11.

  • Paladin King

    Headline for this is wrong.  Ryan Bodenheim teamed with Hickman on Red Mass for Mars.  Nick Pitarra was on Red Wing with Hickman.

    • the amazing correcto

       is the trailer wrong, too? no, it is not. you are, in fact, the one who is wrong; this is Hickman’s new book with Ryan.

      • Paladin King

        nowhere else to comment on the headline, which CBR has now corrected after my comment.  If there was a thread, I’d have used that.

        Not sure who corned in your pissflakes.

        • the amazing mistako

           perhaps they fixed it after your comment and before I saw it?

  • Darrin

    Not sure what the secret is, but damn I need a reuben sandwich!  

  • Dave Blake

    so vague

  • Tpyoun

    its good mood food