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“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Trailer #2

“The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April O’Neil (Megan Fox) and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett) to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan.”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” arrives in theaters August 8, 2014.

  • penguintruth

    The turtles look like angry anuses and Shredder is a white guy.

    Nice job, Hollywood.

    • omysoysauce

      Nice job net smack talking guy. what happened to people just enjoying a movie for what it is. It used to be only a few critics.. now its everyone and frankly i am over the little snoody shoots. the original wasn’t amazing either, your talking smack about the “teenage mutant ninja turtles” go talk crap about a sidewalk next time it will make just as much sense

      • VGMtheVagabond

        It would only NOT make sense if that same sidewalk was done by a construction worker who specialized in demolition. Sure, he’s in construction, but not in his area of expertise. Michael Bay is that construction worker, and he just blew up the TMNT sidewalk.

        • omysoysauce

          blaaa let it gooooo you are yet another person just wanting to sound so witty about bayyyy. your going to go see it and mouth off about it but a part of you wants it to be good too. you want raw gritty and good read the tmnt vs aliens series. let the kids enjoy this dark childs movie. i LOVED tmnt when i was growing up and thankfully there wanst a slew of adults talking crap about it when they know it was majority for the KIDS not this armogadon of adult children that can’t let something not be just for them

          • youbet

            well said soy, i have sat by and watched this sleek net posters for years now be so judgy on movies, games, sports. I say enough as well. Back down snot nosed know it all critics. Leave it to the people that don’t work at taco bell during the day yet pick apart art (love taco bell fyi) (tmnt, art? meh) lol. BACK DOWN SNOOTY LITTLE WEASELS

          • WyattDontTRYIT

            Derka dooo clearly you only are able to communicate with your level of class as that isn’t trendy, its ignoramus. Real bright Mcharacter..

          • VGMtheVagabond

            I don’t plan to go see it. Also, could you stop making new accounts and backing up your own arguments?

      • TheRightGuy

        you crazy if you think the original wasn’t good.

      • Cliff Slatterly

        I disagree immensely. The original was most certainly amazing.

        • 777Lucky7s

          MMk cliff are you late to the meeting?? We all loved it but it wouldn’t stand one day critiqued by all these over-caring critiques. Well said btw who ever wrote that. over caring critique lol. Yes, please care a tad less

          • Cliff Slatterly

            I was responding to Omysoysauce. He said the original wasn’t amazing either. It most definitely was.

      • OmeHi5

        I love the “go talk crap about a sidewalk” comment. Hahaha. So true. People whine about the silliest stuff. But ya that comment had me crackin up.

      • WVUchris

        Yes, let them enjoy this moving for what it will be, garbage.

    • OmeHi5

      The turtles look like mutants. They actually look like you would assume they would… MUTANTS. The thing with Shredder being a white guy is odd, but it’s a MOVIE guy.

  • Jordan Ashley

    This saddens me. TMNT Was campy and it was best that way! It’s meant for KIDS I mean, granted the 90’s movies had plenty of adult humor in it, but it was campy, and April’s supposed to be a RED HEAD! Come on, they couldn’t even give those of us that grew up picking a turtle as a kid to adore endlessly a red haired April O’niel? She’s IRISH!

    • Iceera88

      Not quite true to say that TMNT was meant for kids. Have you ever read the original comics? Bloody as any superhero graphic novel these days. I love the scenes where Leo actually slices up a Foot ninja instead of just smacking him with the flats of his blades! Not Frank Miller-esque, but definitely not campy or “made for kids.” Commercialization of the turtles in the 80s is what made it so campy. I’ll grant you this, APRIL SHOULD HAVE RED HAIR. =)

    • disqus_XC7woDjlbQ

      Pierce Brosnan is Irish, and he doesn’t have Red Hair.

      not everyone from Ireland, or those from Irish decent has Red Hair.

    • TRUTHteller

      in the original mirage studio comics, april was NOT irish but a woman of mixed or latina heritage. and the o.g. black & white comic were more mature & creative than ANYTHING done with the characters after they sold them into commercialization.

  • Michael Woods

    I’m not a trash talking net nobody, I don’t hide behind anonymity like some. This looks like hell. Will I watch it, yes because I give everything a fair chance. I am not the guy they are trying to please, I have been reading turtle comics for 25 years. I have all of them from the first Mirage batch to the current IDW batch. I even have the short Image run. I’m put off by the look, but I could get over that, from what it seems from the trailers though, it looks like like seven kinds of hell. AND THE TRANSFORMERS SOUND EFFECTS DON’T HELP! Overall I can get over the turtles having noses and their size, but I will watch the movie before making any other judgments.

  • Chelsea Boehland

    I’m seeing the Hell out of the movie because I like the Ninja Turtles and I love Mikey!!

    • Rick Lopez

      And “Mikey” is now the same stereotype as the ‘african american’ robots in transformers 2

      • disqus_XC7woDjlbQ

        then thats your insecure perception… not ours.

  • Erik Johnston

    Um, no Mr. Sterling, we are not all thinking that. #spendmoretimeoutofmomsbasement #trysayingthattoJayZsface

    • Liberalhater

      I’ll say it to Jayz’s face, he’s the ugliest mfer on the planet, and he has the hottest wife. Who’s scared of fat ass Jayz? I don’t get, why wouldn’t you say it to his face?

  • Josh Alexander

    great um… comment.. but uh… joke was laid out ooo 32 min ago by the erik fella.. (shakes an good job fist) but hey, nice nice uh…. job getting in there

  • jj abrmz

    its called a mirror

  • Tyler

    I’m a little skeptical about how Michael Bay will handle Ninja Turtles but I gotta say Shredder looks Bad Ass

    • Bruce Fauble

      Michael Bay is NOT THE DIRECTOR. He is the producer. That means he is overseeing the film, but doesn’t necessarily have a hand in the execution of the film.

      Jonathan Liebesman is the director. It is his vision, style, cinematography, and direction that will be on the screen, not Bay’s.

      Worrying abou “how Michael Bay will handle Ninja Turtles” is just like worrying about how Stan Lee will handle The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Stan is just an Executive Producer with a cameo, not the director… that is Mark Webb).

  • Azaiah

    They look like crap(and that’s been said before i know)- and whats worse is the inconsistency of their faces in each scene its like they look weirder and weirder in each take. THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE GARBAGE.

  • Samuel Anderson

    Wow,,,,most second trailers are actually, you know, different from the teaser trailer. Imagine if TDK had simply added a couple shots to their teaser and called it “trailer 2″. This reeks of laziness. I’m not impressed.

    • Christina M

      So……you want to see the entire movie in the trailers?

      • WVUchris

        no but you expect to see more scenes you didn’t see in the previous one.

    • Tyler Maloon

      I do not like anything about the flavor of this film. However, I work for a L.A. film crew and this is what we do for a living. Your stupid mouth so easily says something so quick “I’m not impressed” when you have no idea how hard it is to make something like this happen. I read other comments that you ATTACK people for defending TMNT yet your just as much of a hypocrite then. It is a kids movie you moron. Grow up.

  • Chuck777

    This went from “Maybe I will see it in theaters” to “I’ll watch it on Netflix”.

  • Nalgenewater

    They could at least get a redhead to play April.

    • WVUchris

      There is nothing wrong with seeing Megan Fox in anything, or without anything ;)

      • Tommy Rankin

        If you want to look at “hot” chicks posing around with their mouths open in skimpy outfits that’s what 90% of the internet is for! Why would you need to go to movies for that? I see all that on the internet so when I go to movies I want to see good actors in good stories or at least entertaining movies.

  • electro soundwave

    I understand updates for the “modern audience” and all, and while I’m not a fan of Megan Fox, I know that Bay loves her. But I what I want to know is why is Shredder a white guy in this movie? Is he a descendant of Cruise’s The Last Samurai? sheesh, even in the cartoon he was Japanese.

  • Scooter Morton

    personally after watching the previews for it ive decided the only good thing they have going for them is johnny knoxville voicing one of them i wont judge it till it comes out yes i want it to be good but honestly with michael bay doing it i dont hold much crediability for it seeing as he did kinda botch transformers now if you wanna go old school the original first 3 films that were not cgi’d were great in a sense for when they were produced they werent green screened people walking around with humps on there back so before you talk shit about the originals you better get your facts straight kid

    • Bruce Fauble

      Michael Bay is a PRODUCER, not the DIRECTOR for this film.

      Jonathan Liebesman is the person responsible for everything you see. He is the director. He is the one with the visual concept in mind. These are Liebesman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, not Michael Bay’s.

      • Tommy Rankin

        Michael Bay influences are still evident, hiring Megan Fox etc. and being a producer doesn’t mean that you are not involved with the decisions. It varies of course but as long as Michael Bay is writer, director or producer he will have some kind of effect to how the movie turns out

  • Marlon Phillips

    This is going to be a great film. It looks very well done. Not to mention it takes TMNT back to it’s original dark roots of the comic I remember from the early 80’s. I’m excited to see how it plays out. Although, I do wish the would have kept the Shredder as a Japanese Ninja master/business tycoon/giant alien brain hand puppet. LOL. Other than that… I look forward to taking my babies to see it.

  • BayouMickey

    Hey! if Annie can be black, why can’t shredder be white??

  • Chrismano

    I’m 32 yrs old and I’m a huge fan of the ninja turtles. I’ve watched the two original movies over 100 times. To me I think The turtles look too big and fake. It doesn’t even look like them. Also is there foot clan, cause all I see is a bunch of masked idiots with machine guns. Michael Bay mastered transformers, but ninja turtles he got all wrong.

    • Livadas

      no, He ruined Transformers too.

  • leamk83

    Thanks for ruining ninjas turtles for its true audience families and kids. Like I want my son to see his beloved ninjas look like demonic monsters. And really Megan twat is april??!!!! Ninja turtles is supposed to be a funny, family movie that is timeless. Instead you made steroid, sexified, CGI crap. Not going to go see or red box. I’ll just continue to watch the three originals that my family has grown to love.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Can’t say that this really got me excited. This trailer seems really average and I get the feeling that the movie would also be an average summer blockbuster with little brains but, we’ll see. I’m going to see this just so I can experience live action TMNT on the big screen but I doubt that this’ll be very good as a movie and as an adaptation of TMNT it’s probably awful

  • Victoria Gates

    making this movie. Go back to the original plot and looks of the
    turtles. Put Splinter back as the mentor. Make April a sassy redhead
    reporter like she is supposed to be. Thanks.

  • jhead529

    I went to see the original TMNT when I was a child, and loved them, now I can’t wait to take my five year old son to see this movie. Thats what this movie is all about people, passing on something we loved to the next generation. My dad thought the original TMNT were stupid, but he took me to see them because I was excited about it. It wont be excatly the same as the original, but I’m glad TMNT are back.

  • Darrow Moorer

    The movie looks like it’s going to be bad, and the rage that the little messageboard twats are going to try and use in retort, what with their all caps, pitiful rage, and bad grammar, are going to be worse. I was happy at first at the prospect of a new TMNT movie, and then I saw the first trailer and got iffy. Now I’m seeing the second trailer, and it doesn’t look any different from the first, which is never a good sign. At the most, I’ll get this movie from when it goes on sale at a general store, or Wal-Mart. Or I’ll just watch it on Netflix. This doesn’t look lke it’s going to be worth the hassle of a theater.

  • ShutUpCockfag

    This movie is gonna be awesome. I’ve been waiting for so long for a real TMNT movie. fuck you haters

  • Tinkersbg

    Lol Michael Bay happened

  • Robin Means

    hahaha ahhh o man, Look everyone a fanboys fanny hurts for finally a group of people standing up to little “snot faced” …lolol… over opinionated attitudes. Hey guess what, opinion boards are polluted with these little and I agree. Down with the weasels, and you sir, are a weasel. We do not care to hear from your kind anymore