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Carey, Larocca’s “X-Men: No More Humans” Trailer Debuts

Best-selling author Mike Carey and chart-topping artist Salvador Larocca gather Marvel’s most popular mutants for an all-new original graphic novel, X-MEN: NO MORE HUMANS! Spinning out of the New York Times Bestselling X-Men: Battle of the Atom, this landmark epic features an all-new blockbuster story set in the continuity of the Marvel Universe. For years, the X-Men have dreamed of a world safe from humans. But now, their dream is about to become their worst nightmare. When all the world’s humans mysteriously vanish, it’s up to the disparate factions of X-Men to come together, get to the bottom of the mystery and find a way to bring humans back. But do all the mutants want their human brethren to return?

X-MEN: NO MORE HUMANS will be available May 7th in book stores, comic shops, the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPad Touch® & Android devices) and online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop. Trailer voice-over by Jesse Falcon.

  • Scratch89

    So can we confirm that Rogue is coming back?

    • TechWings

      I think this is post BotA, but pre whatever Remender is doing in Uncanny Avengers. Magneto is there and he’s struck out on his own now, so…

      • rolento

        beside her worth nightcrawler.

        he had not yet returned

        • TechWings

          Oh, yeah. Dead doesn’t mean dead. Thank goodness.

  • Jeremy Carrier

    This trailers are always so shit

  • simon austin

    Wow, that has to be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

  • HudPRIME

    It’s amazing

  • John S

    So a four issue mini series put as a graphic novel and over priced nice

    • Fanboy Tears

      it’s actually 128 pages, much more than 4 comics, and is priced at $18-$24 depending where you shop. And it’s a story you can’t get anywhere else so….seems pretty fair to me.

  • Jbro

    Am i ridiculous for not wanting to sit through a 15 second commercial to watch a 60 second commercial?

    • TechWings

      AdBlock FTW.

    • bandoogiemanz

      I’m with ya.

  • xekushuna

    Marvel. I am disappoint.

  • PietroMaximoff

    this actually looks so cool!
    but i know Raze and probably the “future brotherhood” will b involved, so… i’m not very optimistic.

  • Jimmy

    So basically an X-Men version of The Langoliers.

  • Jack

    I meet Mike Carey and had him sign my hellblazer and Lucifer. He is a really nice guy. He told me he wanted to do claremont esque xmen. I think he is talented, I just wish he would do Mike Carey X-men. Though, I feel like most of his work is reminiscent of other writers, Lucifer for example is like sandman, Probably, because it is a spin-off. I think Mike Carey needs to be Mike Carey and not Gaiman or Claremont, I understand that imitating stuff that is popular, I just feel he needs to find more of his own voice. I like his stuff, but I don’t love it.