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Flash Meets Batman As Green Lantern Snarks in “Justice League: War”

The latest clip from “Justice League: War” features the first meeting between Flash and Batman (voiced by Christopher Gorham and Jason O’Mara, respectively), complete with snarky commentary from Green Lantern (Justin Kirk)

  • Juan Bravo

    Dialogue and voice acting are absolutely terrible. O’Mara sounds like he’s trying to do a parody of Christian Bale.

  • mike

    Kevin Conroy as batman or gtfo

  • Monto Gawe

    So many wiseguys. Chill and enjoy THEN do your OWN FILM…

  • thefinalword

    It’s pretty good. There was more action than I expected and it took me a few minutes to realize when I was looking at parademons because the detail on them was so much higher than the last time they were animated. The way the battle played out was fairly different from the other animated fights with Darkseid and that helped make it kind of interesting comparatively.

  • Flazhphone

    So much hate on the voices.. it was a good movie

  • Jason Hall

    Yeah the voice acting and dialogue were just terrible. I almost turned it off a couple times. The animation is decent and the action was good, if I watch it again it will probly be silent with music playing or something. The guy with the lame old new york accent saying Diana dresses like a whore was sorta funny tho.

  • Keith Dover

    If this movie is following flashpoint then the flash and batman already met

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