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EXCLUSIVE RED BAND CLIP: Dan Clowes in “Shut Up Little Man”

The above video clip features adult language

In 1987, Eddie and Mitch moved into a low-rent apartment in San Francisco where, through paper-thin walls, they were informally introduced to their middle-aged alcoholic neighbors, Raymond (a raging homophobe) and Peter (a flamboyant gay man). For 18 months, they hung a microphone from their kitchen window to chronicle the bizarre relationship between their borderline-insane neighbors, accidentally creating one of the world’s first “viral” counter-culture sensations on the underground tape market. Revisiting these events through interviews and reenactments with the key players in the phenomenon’s development, director Matthew Bate has concocted a darkly comic exploration into the blurred boundaries between art and exploitation.

In this clip, comic book artists Dan Clowes, Ivan Brunetti and others quote some of their favorite lines from the SHUT UP LITTLE MAN tapes – a viral audio verite phenomenon that at its peak inspired original comics, plays, films, and songs by bands like Devo.

SHUT UP LITTLE MAN opens in select theaters September 16. It is currently available On Demand, iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly and Vudu. For more information, visit their official site and Facebook page.