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“Ultimate Spider-Man” Debut Trailer

Can’t wait until April 1st to catch your favorite Super Hero in action? Check out Marvel’s new Ultimate Spider-Man trailer debuting on Marvel.com! Watch as Nick Fury offers Spider-Man the biggest opportunity of his life: to join S.H.I.E.L.D., take on evil villains, and learn what it takes to become the ULTIMATE Spider-Man. Get a fresh look at Spidey’s action-packed adventures, new Spidey Tech, and special guest stars to excite fans and bring everyone’s favorite Wallcrawler to the small screen like never before! The series premieres April 1 at 11am/10c inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD!

And if you’re at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend, you can be among the first to go inside Marvel Universe when Head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb presents the series premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man, and the Season 2 premiere of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as well as a look at future Marvel Universe series! Join us for “Marvel Television Presents from 12:00 – 1:00p in Room 213ABCD.

  • Fremgen

    Looks pretty good, but Spidey’s voice seem a bit whiny too me.

    • AdamH12110

      How is that possible?  He’s Spider-Man.  Whiny is kind of what he does.

  • AndyB

    Definitely not for me. Spidey with tech kind of kills the who the character is to me. I’ll stick with the Avengers toon and wishing we could have had a season 2 of the X-men one

    • Josh

      well he dose have tech in the comics just before the civilwar ironman gives him a suit and he becomes iron-spider!!!

  • Mclasalvia


  • Justincarmona

    And how exactly is this based on the comic of the same name?


    • Mclasalvia

      it’s only partially based on the ultimate spider-man comics and the rest is original

  • http://xenomorph01.deviantart.com/ Nick Hazard

    I’m not getting the same Ultimate Spidey vibes I got from the comic…
    This seems too childish. >,<
    What a let down……

  • lead_sharp

    what started out as a fun looking series wound up looking like a glorified toy commercial.

    If I was a Spidey fan, I’d be insulted.

    • Tomi

      That’s EXACTLY what I thought as well, a glorified toy comercial! I’d be sad if I was a spidey fan and cared for the character… but luckily I don’t so skipping this series isn’t the for me even if it is the first one I’ll skip.

  • http://twitter.com/A_DEPUTY Al

    I love the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and the 616 universe as well so seeing the iron Spidey suit in there is pretty cool. But for some reason it just feels…off. His voice is a bit whiney and while he had a buggy at one point, I never got why and I don’t see why he would need a bike…

    Anyway that’s neither here nor there, I’ll check out the first ep and see how it goes

  • Kaeleig6

    There’s only ONE “Ultimate” Spider-Man…and that’s Ditko’s.

  • Rich Born

    How can Bendis sleep still night knowing his Ultimate Spider-Man is going to be bastardized? I would protest this show if I were him.

  • Mr_Wayne

    This looks kinda like a bad attempt at Spider-Man Brave and the Bold. Sort of. Won’t write it off until I see it. Not much of a Spidey fan anymore anyway…

  • Manburgesa


  • Unevandell

    They cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man for this garbage? Not watching it!

  • Ethan C.

    This looks absolutely horrible. I can’t believe they canceled the excellent “Spectacular Spider-Man” to replace it with this lame excuse to fill Target with all toys of all the stupid gadgets that they show him with.

  • Spider-man2

    Good,very good.

  • Rainbow Glitter-tits

    It looks decent, it’d be foolish to try to appraise or write off the entire series based on this little promo though. The dialogue seems forced, but that’s expected – promos tend to be like that. I don’t like the bike but other than, it should be interesting. 

  • Tonyotolliver95

    That spider-man trailer was awsome. I can’t wait Intel the show comes on tv.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Remo-Vermeulen/1214936500 Remo Vermeulen

     This looks absolutely very good , That spider-man trailer was awsome . It looks Good