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“Batkid Begins” Filmmakers Explains What Miles Scott’s Story Says About Our Desire to be Heroes

In the second half of her conversation with CBR TV, “Batkid Begins” filmmaker Dana Nachman weighs in on the appeal of Batman and why the character contributed to Mile’s story becoming a phenomenon. She also weighs [...]

“Batkid Begins” Filmmaker Thinks Miles’ Story is More Than a Viral Sensation

In the first part of her discussion with CBR TV, Dana Nachman discusses what went into making the “Batman Begins” documentary and whether it was difficult to start the project after Miles Scott’s big day. She [...]

Troy Baker is DC’s LEGO Batman, But Says Kevin Conroy Will Always Be His Batman

Voice actor Troy Baker is no stranger to Batman, having lent his vocals to the Dark Knight, the Joker, Two-Face and more across numerous DC Comics-based animated movies and video games. Having staked his claim to [...]

New “Spawn” Storyline Has Todd McFarlane Dreading and Excited for the Monthly Grind

In the second part of their conversation, McFarlane divulges who, in his opinion, is the better comic book storyteller between him and Erik Larsen. The “Spawn” creator then discusses how laborious his drawing process is, the [...]

Tucker, Oliva & Bourassa Talk “Batman: Bad Blood” Visual Challenges and Trilogies Vs. Sequels

Wrapping up CBR TV’s conversation with the filmmakers behind “Batman: Bad Blood,” character designer Phil Bourassa talked about creating the visual style for the series of films and how that’s evolved and changed overtime, as well [...]

“Batman: Bad Blood” Filmmakers Explain How Shared Continuity Leads to Richer Stories

Kicking off their conversation with CBR TV, “Batman: Bad Blood” producer James Tucker, director Jay Oliva and character designer Phiil Bourassa discuss the benefits of a shared continuity between films and how having this as a [...]

“Batman: Bad Blood’s” O’Mara and Charles Fill the Dark Knight’s Void, Welcome Ernie Hudson

In the first part of CBR TV’s interview with Jason O’Mara and Gaius Charles, O’Mara discussed how much work he actually got to do considering the Dark Knight himself is missing in the film and how [...]

“Batman: Bad Blood” Stars Tap Into Bruce Wayne’s Dark Side and Luke Fox’s Heroic Turn as Batwing

Wrapping up their conversation with CBR TV, Gaius Charles and Jason O’Mara open up on the difficulties of forming bonds while working together — but independently — on animated films and what their favorite moments to [...]

Seth Green Discusses Batman & Superman’s “Magical Friendship,” “Robot Chicken” Season 8 and Running Forever

Bowling. Chicken. “Robot Chicken.” Those three fairly disparate things all came together for a one night only event — “Robot Chicken’s” Season 8 party during New York Comic Con. Before kicking off the main event, Seth [...]

“Batman” Creators Greg Capullo & Scott Snyder Reveal Details of Their “Break-Up”

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo began their discussion with CBR TV at New York Comic Con by addressing the elephant in the room and discussing the “break-up” of one of “comics’ greatest couples.” The always candid [...]

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