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CBR TV @ WC 2012: “Fringe” Star John Noble on Painting, Voice Work & Walter Bishop

Actor John Noble joined CBR’s Jonah Weiland in the CBR Tiki Room following a panel at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA to discuss his work on the Fox sci-fi series “Fringe,” painting, his work in genre [...]

“Buffy: Season 9,” “Angel and Faith” Trailer

Dark Horse Comics has released this trailer for Joss Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9″ and “Angel and Faith” series.

CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Joe Hill on “Locke & Key,” “The Cape” & More

Eisner Award winner and “Locke & Key” creator Joe Hill spoke with CBR TV pre-award ceremony to discuss his and Gabriel Rodriguez’s critically acclaimed title, Hill’s emotional reaction to watching the “Locke and Key” television pilot [...]

Comic-Con “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” Sizzle Reel

Fox released this spoiler-filled sizzle reel for “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Directed by Rupert Wyatt, the prequel/reboot stars James Franco as Will, a scientist who, while testing [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: Stephen Lang, Jason O’Mara Discuss Fox’s “Terra Nova”

The stars of Fox’s “Terra Nova,” Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang spoke with CBR News about the new dino-centric series, the challenges of filming the show in Australia, its overall concept and appeal, Lang’s contractual “welcome [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: Brannon Braga & Alex Graves Bring “Terra Nova” to Life

“Terra Nova” executive producers Brannon Braga and Alex Graves spoke with CBR TV about the creation of the new dinosaur-centric Fox series, the show’s environmental message, the overall concept and scale of the show, the challenge [...]

CBR TV 2011: On the Set of “Breaking In”

CBR TV goes behind the scenes with the cast of Fox's "Breaking In" on the set of the episode featuring the Contra Security team protecting the sole copy of "Goonies 2" from rabid fans at a meticulously created Comic Con.

“X-Men: First Class” Trailer 2

The latest trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s reinvention of the “X-Men” film franchise focuses on the early alliance of Professor X and Magneto as well as hinting at the relationship between Mystique and Beast. Meanwhile, new footage [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: “Breaking In” Creators Adam Goldberg & Doug Robinson on the Rise of Geek Culture

“Breaking In” co-creators Adam Goldberg and Doug Robinson stop by CBR TV to discuss the rise of geek culture, the themes explored in the series, from “21 Jump Street” to Comic-Con and beyond, the secret origin [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: Odette Annable and Bret Harrison on “Breaking In”

"Breaking In" stars Odette Annable and Bret Harrison discuss recreating the Comic Con atmosphere for the new Fox series, the good fortune of the cast discovering their chemistry early on in the series' production, the show's legit geek-cred and more.

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