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Pak Explains Amadeus Cho’s Drive To Become the “Best Hulk There Ever Was”

In the second part of the conversation, Greg Pak spills the secrets of where the term “Totally Awesome” came from and how Amadeus Cho has his sights set on becoming the best Hulk ever. He also [...]

Greg Pak Explains Why Amadeus Cho is a Hit with Fans, and Why He Returned to Hulk

In the first part of his conversation with CBR TV, Pak offers up some reasons why the idea of Amadeus Cho as Hulk seems to be resonating with so many readers and explains why he’s returning [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2013: Frank Cho on “Savage Wolverine,” “Guns & Dinos” & “Liberty Meadows”

Artist/writer Frank Cho spoke with CBR TV about reintroducing Amadeus Cho to the Marvel U, the status of and research involved in "Guns & Dinos" and when he plans to return to "Liberty Meadows."

CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Joe Keatinge, Frank Cho talk “Brutal,” “Guns and Dinos”

“Brutal” co-creators Joe Keatinge and Frank Cho spoke with CBR TV at Comic-Con International to discuss the genesis of their upcoming miniseries, the story of a super-assassin whose services go to whoever can pay her fee, [...]