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CBR TV: John Barrowman & Erika Lewis on the Creation of Stories and the Magic of Comic-Con

In the final installment of their conversation with CBR TV, John Barrowman and Erika Lewis explain the concept of “rubble,” creating the worlds and stories they wish existed around them, and how Comic-Con inspires them both [...]

CBR TV: John Barrowman & Erika Lewis on Identifying with Superheroes and Living Up to “Heavy Metal”

In part two of their conversation with CBR TV, Barrowman discusses how he works with writers like Lewis and his sister, Carole, with whom he has written the “Hollow Earth” series of books. Barrowman also explains [...]

CBR TV: John Barrowman & Erika Lewis on “The 49th Key’s” Real-World Inspiration

“Arrow” star John Barrowman and writer Erika Lewis visited the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International to discuss “The 49th Key,” a new comic drawn by J.K. Woodward and published by “Heavy Metal” that mixes historical fact [...]

CBR TV @ SDCC 2014: John Barrowman, David Ramsey & Marc Guggenheim on “Arrow” Season Three

The second season of “Arrow” left a lot of loose threads for the third season to follow up — and there’s certainly quite a few familiar faces involved. The return of John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn [...]

John Barrowman Goes Dark in “Arrow: Darkness On The Edge of Town”

In this clip from the next-to-last episode of “Arrow’s” first season, the Dark Archer appears to be tying up loose ends. He refers to the guy begging as “Dr. Markov” (a nod to Geo-Force and Terra), [...]

CBR TV @ C2E2 2012: Mark Waid Interviews John Barrowman, Part 3 – Captain Jack

CBR TV presents the final installment of Mark Waid’s three-part interview with “Torchwood” star John Barrowman, with the comic book writer speaking with the fan-favorite actor about his popular BBC series, the character of Captain Jack, [...]

CBR TV @ C2E2 2012: Mark Waid Interviews John Barrowman, Part 2 – Childhood and Career Path

In the first of CBR TV’s 3-part interview between Mark Waid and John Barrowman, the acclaimed comic book writer and mega-popular “Torchwood” star bonded over a shared love of geek culture, namely Mego action figures and [...]

CBR TV @ C2E2 2012: Mark Waid Interviews John Barrowman, Part 1 – “Torchwood” & Mego Figures

In the first of a three-part series on CBR TV, comic writer Mark Waid interviews “Torchwood” star John Barrowman at the 2012 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, where the two discuss not the hit BBC televisions [...]

CBR TV @ CCI 2011: John Barrowman on “Torchwood,” Comic-Con & More

A very animated John Barrowman (AKA “Torchwood’s” Captain Jack Harkness) took control of the Captain’s chair CBR TV during Comic-Con International in San Diego where he recounted his adventures at the show, going into detail about [...]