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CBR TV: Marjorie Liu Talks “Astonishing X-Men’s” Gary Marriage, X-23 as Wolverine

In part two of her conversation with CBR TV, veteran writer Marjorie Liu shines a spotlight on her tenure at Marvel Comics, especially given recent turns of events. First she discusses her feelings about Northstar’s wedding [...]

CBR TV: Marjorie Liu Talks “Monstress” and Writing Creator-Owned Comics

In the first part of her discussion with CBR TV from Comic-Con International, writer Marjorie Liu talks about what inspired her to head down the creator-owned path and what “Monstress” is all about. She explains what [...]

CBR TV: Marjorie Liu on X-Fandom, Comics and Writing Novels

This interview was conducted prior to the word that Liu’s Marvel series, “X-23,” has been cancelled. Writer Marjorie Liu made an appearance on CBR TV during NYCC to discuss why a successful novelist chooses to write [...]

CBR TV @ NYCC 2010: Marjorie Liu on Gambit, X-Men & More

Writer Marjorie Liu visited the CBR TV Tiki Lounge to discuss crossover between her novel and comic book fans, her collaborations with writer Daniel Way, the introduction of Gambit to “X-23,” writing a college paper on [...]