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CBR TV: Bendis & Oeming on the Evolution of “Powers” on TV and in Comics

While it took nearly fifteen years to become a reality, “Powers” is finally a live-action TV show on PlayStation Network. During WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, California, CBR’s Jonah Weiland welcomed the co-creators of “Powers,” Brian Michael [...]

CBR TV @ NYCC 2014: Eddie Izzard & Noah Taylor Get into Character with “Powers”

Actors Eddie Izzard and Noah Taylor stopped by the world famous CBR Tiki Room at New York Comic Con 2014 to talk about their roles in “Powers,” PlayStation Network’s first original program adapted from the long [...]

CBR TV @ NYCC 2014: Oeming & Heyward Bring “Powers” & Deena Pilgrim to TV

“Powers” co-creator Michael Avon Oeming and actor Susan Heyward, who plays Deena Pilgrim on the Sony Playstation Network TV adaptation, visited the CBR Tiki Room at New York Comic Con to speak with Jonah Weiland about [...]

CBR TV @ SDCC 2014: Bendis on the Business of Creation, “Powers” on TV & Those X-Men Rumors

Brian Michael Bendis, the prolific writer of “Ultimate Spider-Man,” “All-New X-Men,” “Uncanny X-Men” and more, visited the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International 2014 to discuss everything from his current workload to his trials and tribulations in [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2012: Khary Payton on “Young Justice,” “Powers”

Khary Payton, the voice of Aqualad on “Young Justice” (as well as Cybog from Teen Titans, Go”) spoke with CBR TV about his career, both in animation and live-action. When discussing the popular DC cartoon, Khary [...]

CBR TV @ C2E2 2011: Brian Michael Bendis on “Brilliant, “Avengers” and the “Powers” TV show

Brian Michael Bendis spends some time with CBR TV to answer fan questions regarding his and Mark Bagley’s creator-owned “Brilliant,” the 1950s Avengers storyline as originally imagined by Howard Chaykin, his future plans for the Avengers [...]

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Brian Michael Bendis on Returning to Comic-Con International

Comics superstar Brian Michael Bendis spoke with CBR TV about his return to Comic-Con International, the early days hawking "Jinx" at the show, the status of "Powers" on FX, how he envisions the show and much more.