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Greg Rucka on the Draw of “Star Wars” and the Potential Perils of Work For-Hire Comics

Wrapping up the conversation, things turn to Rucka’s work on “Star Wars: Shattered Empire,” a prequel comic book series to the upcoming “The Force Awakens” feature film. Rucka shares what drew him to write a “Star [...]

CBR TV @ NYCC 2015: Axel Alonso on “Star Wars” and Marvel’s Next Expansion

The final part of the discussion turns to “Star Wars,” and how it has affected Marvel since they started producing books for the legendary license. He discusses the expansion of titles and talent on the line, [...]

CBR TV: Mike Richardson on Joss Whedon’s New Dark Horse Comic, Being “Bigger Than Ever”

Mike Richardson began his interview with CBR TV at Comic-Con International with a tease about “Twist,” the brand new Joss Whedon creation coming to Dark Horse that was announced at the show, and Richardson reiterated how [...]

CBR TV: Charles Soule Talks “Star Wars,” “Lando” & Billy Dee Williams

In the second part of their conversation, Charles Soule talks about spending time in a galaxy far, far away, working on Marvel Comics’ “Lando” series. The writer explains his approach to the iconic character, whether he’s [...]

CBR TV: “Star Wars Rebels” Vet Greg Weisman Reveals “Huge Piece of the Puzzle” in “Kanan” Comic Book

Veteran animation and comic book writer Greg Weisman, whose new “Star Wars” comic book series “Kanan: The Last Padawan” recently debuted from Marvel, joined CBR TV’s Albert Ching during WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, CA for an [...]

CBR TV @ SDCC 2014: Jason Aaron Talks Female “Thor,” “Star Wars” at Marvel & Creator-Owned Success

Acclaimed comic book writer Jason Aaron and his mighty beard visited the world famous CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego. He sits down with CBR TV’s Jonah Weiland for a lengthy discussion of the [...]

CBR TV @ SDCC 2014: Mark Waid on 15-Second Pitches, “Princess Leia” & the Agents of “SHIELD”

Eisner Award-winning “Daredevil” writer and digital comics pundit Mark Waid made his triumphant return to CBR TV during last month’s Comic-Con International in San Diego. The industry legend began by telling CBR’s Jonah Weiland about his [...]

CBR TV @ SDCC 2014: Marvel EIC Axel Alonso on “Star Wars,” “SHIELD” & Avengers NOW!

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso joined CBR TV’s Albert Ching aboard the world famous CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss all things Marvel Comics, from the pre-show announcements including Avengers NOW! to [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2014: Tommy Lee Drives Unearths “Vandroid,” Can’t Outgrow Godzilla

Acclaimed comic creator Tommy Lee Edwards visited the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim to talk with Jonah Weiland about what’s keeping him busy these days. Edwards gives some background on his current Dark [...]

CBR TV 2011: Kevin Shinick on “MAD,” “Robot Chicken,” Spider-Man & More

Kevin Shinick, the creator of Cartoon Network's new "MAD" television series, stopped by CBR TV to discuss how to write a semi-subversive show for an all-ages audience, his time directing "Spider-Man Live! A Stunt Spectacular" and much more.

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