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CBR TV @ WC 2014: Payton, Jelenic & Horvath Get Wacky with “Teen Titans Go!”

Cyborg voice actor Khary Payton and “Teen Titans Go!” producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath visited the CBR Tiki Room during WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim to discuss their Cartoon Network animated series based on DC Comics’ [...]

“Teen Titans Go!” Explores Raven’s Multi Faceted Personality

A mysterious prism creates five Ravens, each of a different color and with a different aspect of her personality. The Ravens disrupt life in the Tower so much that the others decide to use the crystal [...]

Love is in the Computer Circuitry on “Teen TItans Go!”

In “Matched,” Cyborg’s Love Matcher 5000 program pairs Raven with Beast Boy and Starfire with Aquaman. While Beast Boy does everything he can to get Raven to love him, Robin tries to be more like Aquaman [...]

CBR TV 2013: Seven-Year-Old Sienna’s “Teen Titans Go!” Review

Seven-year-old super hero expert and “Young Justice” advocate Sienna Chin-Gerding reviews the first episode of Cartoon Network’s newest DC Nation series, “Teen Titans Go!”

CBR TV @ WC 2013: Michael Jelenic & Aaron Horvath Laugh It up With “Teen Titans Go!”

“Teen Titans Go!” producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath spent a luxurious afternoon in the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon Anaheim to discuss the new series, from the reunion of the original “Teen Titans” cartoon’s voice [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2012: Khary Payton on “Young Justice,” “Powers”

Khary Payton, the voice of Aqualad on “Young Justice” (as well as Cybog from Teen Titans, Go”) spoke with CBR TV about his career, both in animation and live-action. When discussing the popular DC cartoon, Khary [...]