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“Avengers Assemble” – Is Hawkeye a Traitor?

It’s the most anticipated new animated series to launch this year, reuniting Marvel’s most iconic Super Heroes – Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow & Falcon! It’s the team that took the world by storm in Marvel’s The Avengers, so no fan can miss the action-packed adventures of Earth’s Mightiest as they protect the Marvel Universe from the biggest threats they’ve ever seen – all while working together as a team. The world’s most dangerous Super Villains don’t stand a chance when the Avengers Assemble! In this blockbuster season premiere, the rookie Falcon stands alone to save his team and stop a full-scale invasion of Earth after the Avengers fall victim to the body-swapping Space Phantoms! Don’t miss the action packed premiere episode of MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE this Sunday at 11a/10c inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD.

  • cyberwulf

    this epi seems promising anyone agree

  • rocky728

    I saw this episode. I like everything so far after the first 3 episodes.
    If there was anything I’d tone down a bit it would be the comedy but I also understand it wants to draw in kids too and not just the established older fans

    • osarumen erhunmwunsee

      where did you watch the episode?