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First Trailer for NBC’s “Constantine”

Get a look at the new series “Constantine” coming to NBC Fridays this fall.

  • Nergie Gruntfuttock

    Not a silk cut anywhere :( Damn you yanks on your anti-fag on tv policy.

    • Chuck777

      Maybe he will take up the bubble pipe!

    • mr. k0

      Took me a while and a little google but now I know that silk cut and fag means cigarette. You learn something new everyday.

      • Chuck777

        Brits love throwing the f word at us because they know it means something completely different here.

        • Cylon

          Sorry? It means exactly the same. People used to think homosexuals should burn, hence they called them fags.

          • Lilianna Mathers

            Oh goody, off-topic so quickly!

          • Carl Pickles

            I find that very difficult to believe.

          • Nergie Gruntfuttock

            erm no
            “British slang for “cigarette” (originally, especially, the butt of a smoked cigarette), 1888, probably from fag-end “extreme end, loose piece” (1610s), from fag “loose piece” (late 15c.)”

          • BC Dark Angel

            As a “Brit” can definitely point out that “fag” is definitely another term for homosexual in the UK. Generally considered to be short for “faggot”…which is funny cos that’s also a type of food xD

          • Nergie Gruntfuttock

            BC thats only because we took that meaning from the Americans. 99% of people would still mean a fag to be a smoke.

      • http://ComicsPundit.com/ Shawn L.

        You didn’t know that? You need to read more comics! :)

        • mr. k0

          I do read comics but I’m not ashamed to say that even though I have been a fan of superheroes all my life, I only started reading comics 10 years ago. I never read Hellblazer, but I will one day.

    • David Villarraga

      oh dont worry, us “yanks” are pissed about it too. specially since theyre trying to make america ” tabacco free ” now a days :l

      • Mitch Cumstein

        Straight free too.

        • korhal

          Don’t worry, everyone has a little latent homosexual in them. Embrace it.

    • Anthony Nailon

      don’t blame all america man im just as pissed too

    • dekko

      He had a zippo lighter in the trailer. I’m going to bet that they’ll give us one shot of him lighting up in the first ep then he’ll quit by the end. (although we’ll see him smoke a couple more times during the season) American tv does’t like to glamorize or even normalize smoking, but it seems that if it’s attached to either a bad guy, or if the person is trying to quit, they’ll let you get away with it.

    • korhal

      It’s just pretty fucking gross, that’s all.

    • KGrimes

      From the look of it, that’s the least of this series’ problems.

  • Fabio Cibok

    He’s not even blond!

    • Lee Everett

      dirty blond

    • Peq Pit

      Type on google images “Hellblazer Comic” and tah dah you`ll see a Blonde Constantine

  • Lee Everett

    they spent alot of money on this show
    looks great

    • alistaircrane

      That’s my only concern. Will subsequent episodes look as good as the pilot?

  • cboulanger

    I like the the look of the actor playing Constantine, but the story seems too much like that abomination of a movie that Keanu starred in. Constantine has a subtle, ruthlessness to him and a tendency to do terrible things with good intentions. Curious to see if network television can handle that.

    • http://ComicsPundit.com/ Shawn L.

      Hey, they have a series featuring Hannibal Lector. I think NBC can handle dark. (Also see, the Blacklist)

      I’m just happy he’s being portrayed as a Brit. (I fully believe that the influx of British actors portraying American heroes is the penalty for Keanau playing Constantine.)

      • cboulanger

        Good point about Hannibal and The Blacklist. Blacklist is one of my favorite shows right now. I guess I should keep an open mind.

        Brits coming to US roles is definitely a win.

  • fatjitsu

    I will check it out of course but form the trailer, i am not crazy about the lead actor.

    • David Rose

      Sorry about the Brit. Hold on we’ll replace with Keanu Reeves right away.

      • Alex W

        Just because he’s british doesn’t mean he’s right for the part. More to acting than having an accent.

        • the void

          Especially as the guy is Welsh, and has a Welsh accent, rather than being English with a Liverpudlian accent as he should have. Still step up from Keanu…

          • http://ComicsPundit.com/ Shawn L.

            Well, this is for an American audience. It’s not like we can tell the difference.

            I’m sure there’s a UK television show out there trying to pass off a Brooklyn accent as a Boston accent. (Never mind the many flavors of Southern accents).

  • jason glidden

    That looks pretty good

  • mr. k0

    Looks great. This is the DC series I most excited for.

  • Martial_Bob

    I’m still skeptical but I admit that this looks promising.

  • Beau Yarbrough

    So nervous about this, but at least they’re crediting Hellblazer, not Constantine. John should be a guy who knows some scary stuff, not Dr Strange in a trenchcoat.

    • Chuck777

      Different universes require characters to be different. Hellblazer in the DCU is not as needed as Dr. Strange.

  • PietroMaximoff

    not bad at all!! looks really cool!

  • Spelunker4Plato

    I wonder if this has as much potential as what X-Files became. X-Files had what, 9 seasons?

    The biggest obstacle as with any comic book/scifi story is whether or not the directors and producers are going to stick to the effing story.

    That and puritan ratings systems.

  • http://graphic-illusion.com R G

    The first Constantine (Hellblazer) was perfect. I generally avoid horror films. So I’ll try hard to skip this one. The first 10 issues of the comic were excellent. Not read any since. Recommend a good one?

  • Ransak

    wait is this the supernatural spinoff cause i thought it was canceled. Who is this guy cause its not my favorite chain smoking, bi-sexual, willing to sacrifice his friends for his own causes English man i loved the comics for.

  • FuckDC

    Screw this. This is not John Constantine.Vertigo Hellblazer is one of the best comic ever, they destroy the franchise when they end hellblazer and import the character to the DC universe.Fuck DC

    • http://ComicsPundit.com/ Shawn L.

      John was BORN in the DCU. Until the last issue of “Flashpoint” there was no official word that Hellblazer no longer was part of the DCU. (and at that point it didn’t really matter, because it was being all rebooted anyway)

      I always believed that it was still DCU, just in a darker part of it that didn’t cross over as often. Especially as DC became less comfortable with “Mature Readers” comics being in the same universe as the general audience comics.

      There were editorial statements that they were not in the same universe anymore, but I never treat such statements as cannon until a published story establishes that fact. (Just like a certain Marvel editor in the past declared that there are no homosexuals in the Marvel Universe. Editorial statements aside, we knew Northstar couldn’t be stuffed back into the closet.)

      Okay, I’ve digressed a bit…

      I’ll wait for the series to start in the fall and give it a while before crapping all over it.

      • R G

        Would be cool if there was an elseworld’s DC TV series that could appeal to everyone.

  • asjmooney

    Out of all of the newly commissioned shows I am most excited for this and (dare i say it) Gotham.

    • R G

      surprisingly good…but I want all new characters

  • TH

    Why does he sound Irish not Liverpudlian?

    • alistaircrane

      Meh. Sounds British to me!

    • http://www.joe-stone.co.uk/ Joe Stone

      Uh, that’s a Welsh accent… but yes, he should be a scouse.

  • demoncat_4

    minus the character having his normal smoke. the thing looks interesting. though matt is coming off as constantine being p.od about every thing in the clip.

  • demoncat_4

    plus who is going to be the first one constantine throws under the bus to have his own self.

  • dekko

    Minor quibble, (although that’s kinda all we can do based on a trailer) but I wish his trench coat looked more worn in.

  • MysteriousRacerX

    I would’ve said you’re crazy if you told me _NBC_ is running a beautiful, [extremely] graphic, brilliantly acted version of the Hannibal Lector material – but here we are and it’s goddam masterful and has quite a bit of deviation from the books/movies in casting, major plot lines, timeframe.

    Constantine/Hellblazer is one of my favorite comic properties of all time, so I’m sensitive to the treatment, but I’m pretty optimistic based on what I’ve seen so far :)

  • Gabriel Cruz

    For the last 6 months I have been stock piling my Constantine collection and I am glad I picked up his first appearance in Swamp Thing 37. Check it out ! http://instagram.com/p/nUytUyL0TM/

    • MysteriousRacerX

      Neat. I started with the standalone series from issue #1 (when I was actively collecting years ago, my “comic guy” was pretty spot on with his recommendations, and Hellblazer was one).

      Always meant to go back and track down those original, pre-Hellblazer appearances – might still do it, probably just in a trade format.