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“Batman: Arkham City” Robin Gameplay Teaser

With “Batman: Arkham City” set for release in less than two weeks, Rocksteady has unveiled in-game footage of Robin, a DLC playable character available at launch exclusively though Best Buy in the US and GameStop in Europe.

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  • Anonymous

    still not digging his look.

  • Ryan


  • Anonymous

    Looks great to me, can’t wait…

  • Anonymous

    Looks great to me, can’t wait…

  • Anonymous

    Not crazy about the design (mostly because it makes him look too old) but excited to play as Robin! And to play this game at all. 18th can’t come soon enough!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SXIQM34V7AHILOYFIJUMQLN2YI AdaraZ

    You know, why is it exclusive to one seller? And why only to some arena stuff? Why they say full playable when I read it was only in arenas? nnI like this Robin. Wish he was in every version as normal char.