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“Injustice: Gods Among Us” Tokyo Game Show Trailer

The latest trailer for “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” NetherRealm’s DC Comics’ superhero fighter, shows off new weaponry, attacks and the level of violence gamers can expect when it hits consoles in April 2013.

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  • hondobrode


  • Mr 1

    Another fight game.

  • Mjpetersen80

    So is Green Lantern and Aquaman going to be in this game or what?!?

    They put Catwoman and Harley in this game but so far they’re missing some pretty iconic members of the Justice League……sucks if they’re not in the game as my interest will drop dramatically.

  • Green Lantern

    Looks like someone got the early New-52 designs and went to town.


  • Profejuaris

    Why does everybody seem faster then the Flash?